Wednesday, August 10, 2016

King's Row

Family and Friends, 

In Selah, there is a burger place known as King's Row that is known to have really really great burgers. Throughout the entirety of my mission, I have been on a quest to find the best burger in the WYM. After MLC on Tuesday, Elder Roe and I HAD to stop at King's Row on the way back for dinner, because it's named after our companionship! They have this burger that's called the Garbage Burger that has ham and bacon and all sorts of crazy stuff on it. They also have this little secret hut back behind the main diner called King's Scoop which sells ice cream. And really really good ice cream too! The closest thing to Blue Bell I've been able to find thus far. 

The conquest of member lessons continues here in the mystical land of Moses Lake. We set up an appointment with the Relief Society President of our ward and had a lesson with her on Wednesday. He husband just got back from a long business trip in China, and it turns out that he actually works with Jonny and Jason! Our two Chinese investigators that we teach and taught how to pray a couple weeks ago! As we discussed the happiness and joy that comes from being involved in missionary work, we eventually reached a point where our Relief Society President and her husband started planning a BBQ for the next week where they could invite Jonny and Jason and other co-workers, as well as other neighbors! Seeing them get so excited to do missionary work made me even more excited about it. 

We've been having a lot of cool miracles in the YSA here as well. We got a referral for a guy named Martin who lives here in Moses Lake but he's dating a less-active girl in Othello. He's been to church in Othello before but has never been taught by missionaries because he lives here in Moses Lake and doesn't know any members here. Getting in contact with him was a miracle on it's own, because he has no phone and we don't know his address either. We set up a church tour with him throughout the week to show him around the building so that he will feel comfortable coming to church. We had some really amazing members from the YSA come out to that church tour as well, and we were all waiting for Martin to show up. 5 minutes went by, 10 minutes went by, time just kept ticking and ticking. Eventually we decided that only other thing we could do to help him was to pray about it, so we said a quick prayer in our hearts, asking Heavenly Father to help Martin make it to our appointment. A couple minutes later, we got a call from him explaining that he had just got off work and was on his way and apologized for being so late. We had a great church tour with him and answered a lot of his questions. At the end he asked, "So what things do I need to do to get baptized?". It was a testimony to me that the Lord helps us out when we do everything in our power. 

We also have another really cool investigator named Cesar. Elder Roe found him and taught him on exchanges, and we took a recently returned missionary from the YSA with us to follow up with him on his reading. We went over and sat down and talked with him and he told us that he had read all the way up until Jacob. Another miracle, somebody made it through reading 2 Nephi! Miracles do happen! He told us that as he was reading, for about 10 seconds he just felt this flood of happiness and joy and he couldn't stop reading because he wanted to feel that feeling again. The Book of Mormon combined with the Spirit is truly our best tool as missionaries. 

I went on an exchange with another companionship in our zone, and I can finally cross off being a biking missionary. Biking all day on that exchange was so much fun. It was crazy biking around because Moses Lake is all farm land and it feels like we are just biking through the middle of nowhere at times. 

Transfer calls are coming up this weekend, time has flown by so fast. Stay in school, drink your milk, eat your vegetables! 

Con Mucho Amor, 

Elder King

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