Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Simple Prayers

Friends and Family, 

While I was on exchanges this past week, we had one of the coolest experiences ever as we taught an investigator about prayer and really focused on helping him turn toward God. There are these two young men named Jonny and Jason who are here from China working at the factory in here in town. When we first contacted Jonny, he showed us a Chinese Book of Mormon that he somehow got back when he was in China. He asked us for an English Book of Mormon so that he could read both and practice his English. We went back to follow up on his reading and Jonny wasn't home but his roommate Jason was. It's been pretty difficult to teach Jason in the past, because his English isn't the best, but when we knocked on the door he invited us right in and had us sit down to talk with him. We asked if he had read any in the Book of Mormon since we had last visited them, and he confessed that he hasn't gotten around to it because he has been pretty busy. Our plan was to teach him about prayer, and it just seemed like exactly what he needed. We explained the basics of prayer and had to teach super super simple to make sure he could understand. He wasn't entirely sure how it worked, and we asked him about his belief in God and he explained that he didn't know much and he has never prayed before. We taught the essential truths of our Heavenly Father, how he is our Father and has a body of flesh and bone and wants to hear from us, and as we taught I could see on his face how it all started to piece together for him. He told us that he didn't have much more time because he had to Skype his wife, so we asked him to say the closing prayer. It was one of the most humble prayers I have heard. He started out, "Dear Heavenly Father, Hello. I am Jason. From China." and continued to thank God for his family and his job and all the blessings he has in his life. After he closed he thanked us and told us how he felt so much peace and happiness inside his heart, and promised us that he would continue to pray. 

On Monday we have an FHE for the Young Single Adult Ward and last Monday it was at the house of Clark, one of the guys in the YSA. He had a trampoline in his backyard, and everybody was doing jumps and tricks on this thing. Some of the members asked Elder Roe to get on, so he did and started jumping and doing flips and landed kind of funny and ripped the trampoline in half. It was hilarious, and he just laid there all casual and acted like nothing happened as everybody clapped for him. That same night the sisters in our zone made us this giant care package full of candy and cookies, which we thought was pretty nice until one of them confessed that they gave it to us because they didn't want to eat all the stuff and get fat. Missionary problems. 

We had a pretty rough beginning of the week. We got a call from President Lewis Tuesday night asking if we could bring an Elder from our zone down with us to a meeting we had in Yakima the next day. Both Elder Roe and I were a little puzzled, but took this Elder down with us the next morning. We found out that this Elder's father had passed away the night before unexpectedly. It was heartbreaking. Elder Roe and I tried our best to comfort this Elder, and all we could do was just hug him. Later that night, we gave him a blessing and testified to him of the power of the Plan of Salvation. As tragic as this all was, I am so grateful to know that there is something after death and that we will see our loved ones again. Please please please keep this Elder and his family in your prayers this week. 

I love you all and I'm grateful for each and every one of you. Don't pass up an opportunity to tell a loved one how grateful you are for them this week. 

"To express gratitude is gracious and honorable, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live with gratitude ever in our hearts is to touch heaven." -Thomas S. Monson

Con Mucho Amor, 

Elder King

Note from the editor:  these crazy elders have added "shots" of apple cider vinegar to their daily health regimen.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

"I'm not friend, I'm Cameron!"

Friends and Family, 

Unfortunately this weeks email update will probably end up being a little shorter. Elder Roe and I have been super busy with just a bunch of crazy stuff. Working with the YSA is so much fun, and every week on Thursday they have an activity called Sports Night. We go each week to build trust with members and meet the friends that they bring and invite, and this past week the activity was Zumba! First time doing Zumba, and it was a blast. It was funny and weird because none of the music was missionary approved so we had a small preview at worldy media for a moment while we learned some sweet dance moves. 

On Tuesday we were out trying by some YSA formers and potentials and we were sitting in the van looking through our area book when I looked out the window and saw a little kid running towards us in nothing but Superman underwear. I looked at Elder Roe and told him and I rolled down the window and said, "Hello there, friend." After that, he went off on this long rant that was the highlight of my week because it was so funny. He said, "I'm not friend. I'm Cameron! Can you help me? My brothers are trying to get me wet. I don't want to get wet because I don't like wet underwear. Wet underwear is silly. We were putting paint on our butts! Well, we weren't putting paint IN our butts, we were putting paint ON our butts. We have a big trampoline. Our house is big too! Santa can't fit though our chimney. Last year Santa brought me a puzzle. *looks down at the ground all depressed* Puzzles are laaaaame. I want a blue robot with a wind up in the back!" We were laughing so hard and I just asked him if he wanted a Spider-Man sticker and gave him one. He ran off to go tell his brothers and we drove off. 

There is this one apartment complex with a ton of Asian people there and we have these two investigators named Jonny and Jason. They are straight from China and Jonny met with missionaries over there or something and already had a Chinese Book of Mormon and asked us for an English one so he can further his English skills. He is so cool! I LOVE meeting with them because they are so funny and teach us a little bit of Chinese every time we go over. 

No pictures this week either, I have been slacking on taking pictures recently but I will repent and get better. 

Con Mucho Amor, 

Elder King

Monday, July 4, 2016

East Wenatchee Friends

Moses Lake Bound!

Friends and Family, 

This past week has been a super eventful week. An end of my 4th transfer here in the Rocky Reach Ward up here in Wenatchee, and President Lewis must have hit his head before making transfer calls. He called me to serve as a Zone Leader in the Moses Lake ward serving in the 11th Ward and the YSA Ward. My new companion will be Elder Roe! We have been serving around each other neither the entirety of our missions, so it will be cool to serve with him. The weird thing is that even though I am a Spanish missionary, I will be doing English work over in Moses Lake. Working with white people will be an interesting change! 

This past P-Day Elder Aguilar and I went hiking up in Leavenworth with one of our favorite members. It is SO beautiful up there. Trees and rivers and all sorts of good nature. We found an abandoned mine cave that we went through, and it was super dark and water was dripping from the ceiling and it was cool. Coming out of the cave and back around the mountain we had to rappel around some boulders which was really fun. 

On Thursday our Ward Mission Leader took us on a tour of his work. He works for the Fish and Wildlife Department as a Fish Hatchery manager up in Leavenworth as well. He is in charge of spawning salmon and getting them to go out to the ocean to grow up and make sure that they come back over 500 miles to come back to the hatchery to lay their eggs. One of the funniest parts of the tour was near the end, Brother Irving looked at us and said, "Alright. Now we need to go back to my office to do something very important." I thought we were going to go back and discuss the work in our areas and correlate on our investigators, but when we walked in he closed the door and set some blank pieces of paper on the table and looked at us and said, "Who knows how to make a paper airplane?" Who says that work can't be fun! 

Once our other Ward Mission Leader found out that I was leaving, he took us and the English Elders out for sushi at this really great sushi place in Wenatchee. First time that I have had sushi in a looooooong time. It was a very nice treat to end my time here. 

One of Elder Aguilar's old investigators was baptized this weekend, and we were told that the baptism was going to be on Saturdayat 6:00pm. We found a member to drive us down to Selah, drove the 2 hours down, showed up at the Stake Center right as a baptism was starting. We walked in and sat down and about 30 seconds later Elder Aguilar stood up and walked out. I was very confused, so I walked out and talked with him and he told me that he had no idea who any of these people were and that this was not his investigator. We thought maybe the baptism was happening at another building or something, so we made some phone calls and it turned out that the baptism was rescheduled for Sunday and nobody had told us. So it ended up that we drove down to Selah just to eat some Panda Express and come back. Fun adventure nevertheless. 

East Wenatchee will always hold a very special place in my heart. I have made friendships and relationships here with the people that will effect me for the rest of my life. Sad to leave so many members who became friends, but I know that there is a reason why I am being sent to Moses Lake. 

Happiest 4th of July everybody! The best holiday of the year. Make sure to take some time to read the Declaration of Independence. The words of Thomas Jefferson are soothing and bring me hope. 

Con Mucho Amor, 

Elder King

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Illuminati, AVP, Member Referrals, and Founder's Day

Friends and Family, 

Last Monday we were out in the little town of Waterville tracting for the evening when we knocked on this one door and this hispanic lady answered and said, "Welcome, God bless you! Would you like to come in?" Elder Aguilar and I were pretty excited, thinking that all of our tracting had finally paid off and that we have found a golden investigator. She brings us in and sits us down and her husband comes over and starts talking to us. He told us that he had really been trying to find the truth and knows that there should only be one church and started talking to us about a lot of things that lead us to believe he was golden. We were getting all excited, and then in a matter of 5 seconds he went from being one of the most golden investigators to VERY not golden. He brought up that he had found the truth, that the Illuminati was ruling the world and started showing us pictures of the Pope, Obama, Lady Gaga, and the Beyonce and trying to explain to us that they were all in cahoots with the devil. He kept talking and talking, and we literally just picked up our bags and walked out while he was still trying to talk with us. 

Our recent-convert Miguel has been doing really well. He is always inviting his friends and people he knows to talk with us and come to activities and whatnot. We taught him and his sister this week, and somehow we got onto the topic of hospital and drama and Grey's Anatomy. Miguel made a pretty funny comment, saying that Grey's Anatomy is too unrealistic. He said, "There's no way that so much stuff could happen in a hospital. Now Aliens vs. Predators, THAT'S realistic." We laughed and pointed out to Miguel that he had just stated that he believes that Aliens vs. Predators is more realistic then Grey's Anatomy. It was hilarious. 

We've been working a lot through the members these past couple of weeks. A family in the Rocky Reach ward is building a new home, and they wanted us to meet one of the painters working on their house. His name is Hector, so we said we could swing by during the week and do some service and talk to him and get to know him. He was so nice and friendly and tried teaching us some painting techniques. When we asked if he had met with missionaries before, he told us that he had and that it had been a really long time since they had come by. We asked if he would like for us to stop by sometime this week, and he said he would love that. He got so excited that he started drawing us a map in the sand so we could find his house! 

Last week, we taught a new family that had just moved into the ward a lesson to get to know them better and see if they had anybody that we could teach. They are a very young couple, married just 6 weeks ago and moved here a couple weeks ago. At the end of our lesson last week we invited them to find someone to attend our appointment for the following week. We got a text message a couple days later saying that they had found somebody. The wife had gone up to one of their friends at work and invited her over for dinner and to talk with the missionaries. Her invitation was, "Do you want to know what makes Mormons so different?" The friend agreed and we had a really great lesson! It was cool teaching her, she had a bunch of really great questions. Also cool to see how easy it can be to do missionary work!

I went on exchanges with Elder Colunga this past weekend in his area. I picked what was probably the best day ever to go to Cashmere. It was Founder's Day weekend over there, so there was a bunch of stuff going on. Car show, a parade, they even had a helicopter fly over the park and drop a ton of ping pong balls down with numbers that had prizes! So many people were out in the street walking around, so we went contacting and talked with a ton of people. 

We get transfer calls this Saturday, and considering the fact that I've been serving in East Wenatchee for 6 months I am probably up for a transfer. Who knows! Stay tuned for what happens next week. 

Con Mucho Amor, 

Elder King