Thursday, July 21, 2016

"I'm not friend, I'm Cameron!"

Friends and Family, 

Unfortunately this weeks email update will probably end up being a little shorter. Elder Roe and I have been super busy with just a bunch of crazy stuff. Working with the YSA is so much fun, and every week on Thursday they have an activity called Sports Night. We go each week to build trust with members and meet the friends that they bring and invite, and this past week the activity was Zumba! First time doing Zumba, and it was a blast. It was funny and weird because none of the music was missionary approved so we had a small preview at worldy media for a moment while we learned some sweet dance moves. 

On Tuesday we were out trying by some YSA formers and potentials and we were sitting in the van looking through our area book when I looked out the window and saw a little kid running towards us in nothing but Superman underwear. I looked at Elder Roe and told him and I rolled down the window and said, "Hello there, friend." After that, he went off on this long rant that was the highlight of my week because it was so funny. He said, "I'm not friend. I'm Cameron! Can you help me? My brothers are trying to get me wet. I don't want to get wet because I don't like wet underwear. Wet underwear is silly. We were putting paint on our butts! Well, we weren't putting paint IN our butts, we were putting paint ON our butts. We have a big trampoline. Our house is big too! Santa can't fit though our chimney. Last year Santa brought me a puzzle. *looks down at the ground all depressed* Puzzles are laaaaame. I want a blue robot with a wind up in the back!" We were laughing so hard and I just asked him if he wanted a Spider-Man sticker and gave him one. He ran off to go tell his brothers and we drove off. 

There is this one apartment complex with a ton of Asian people there and we have these two investigators named Jonny and Jason. They are straight from China and Jonny met with missionaries over there or something and already had a Chinese Book of Mormon and asked us for an English one so he can further his English skills. He is so cool! I LOVE meeting with them because they are so funny and teach us a little bit of Chinese every time we go over. 

No pictures this week either, I have been slacking on taking pictures recently but I will repent and get better. 

Con Mucho Amor, 

Elder King

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