Sunday, July 3, 2016

Illuminati, AVP, Member Referrals, and Founder's Day

Friends and Family, 

Last Monday we were out in the little town of Waterville tracting for the evening when we knocked on this one door and this hispanic lady answered and said, "Welcome, God bless you! Would you like to come in?" Elder Aguilar and I were pretty excited, thinking that all of our tracting had finally paid off and that we have found a golden investigator. She brings us in and sits us down and her husband comes over and starts talking to us. He told us that he had really been trying to find the truth and knows that there should only be one church and started talking to us about a lot of things that lead us to believe he was golden. We were getting all excited, and then in a matter of 5 seconds he went from being one of the most golden investigators to VERY not golden. He brought up that he had found the truth, that the Illuminati was ruling the world and started showing us pictures of the Pope, Obama, Lady Gaga, and the Beyonce and trying to explain to us that they were all in cahoots with the devil. He kept talking and talking, and we literally just picked up our bags and walked out while he was still trying to talk with us. 

Our recent-convert Miguel has been doing really well. He is always inviting his friends and people he knows to talk with us and come to activities and whatnot. We taught him and his sister this week, and somehow we got onto the topic of hospital and drama and Grey's Anatomy. Miguel made a pretty funny comment, saying that Grey's Anatomy is too unrealistic. He said, "There's no way that so much stuff could happen in a hospital. Now Aliens vs. Predators, THAT'S realistic." We laughed and pointed out to Miguel that he had just stated that he believes that Aliens vs. Predators is more realistic then Grey's Anatomy. It was hilarious. 

We've been working a lot through the members these past couple of weeks. A family in the Rocky Reach ward is building a new home, and they wanted us to meet one of the painters working on their house. His name is Hector, so we said we could swing by during the week and do some service and talk to him and get to know him. He was so nice and friendly and tried teaching us some painting techniques. When we asked if he had met with missionaries before, he told us that he had and that it had been a really long time since they had come by. We asked if he would like for us to stop by sometime this week, and he said he would love that. He got so excited that he started drawing us a map in the sand so we could find his house! 

Last week, we taught a new family that had just moved into the ward a lesson to get to know them better and see if they had anybody that we could teach. They are a very young couple, married just 6 weeks ago and moved here a couple weeks ago. At the end of our lesson last week we invited them to find someone to attend our appointment for the following week. We got a text message a couple days later saying that they had found somebody. The wife had gone up to one of their friends at work and invited her over for dinner and to talk with the missionaries. Her invitation was, "Do you want to know what makes Mormons so different?" The friend agreed and we had a really great lesson! It was cool teaching her, she had a bunch of really great questions. Also cool to see how easy it can be to do missionary work!

I went on exchanges with Elder Colunga this past weekend in his area. I picked what was probably the best day ever to go to Cashmere. It was Founder's Day weekend over there, so there was a bunch of stuff going on. Car show, a parade, they even had a helicopter fly over the park and drop a ton of ping pong balls down with numbers that had prizes! So many people were out in the street walking around, so we went contacting and talked with a ton of people. 

We get transfer calls this Saturday, and considering the fact that I've been serving in East Wenatchee for 6 months I am probably up for a transfer. Who knows! Stay tuned for what happens next week. 

Con Mucho Amor, 

Elder King

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