Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ode to Elder Wilson II

Friends and Family, 

Well, the time has come. Elder Wilson has brought me into this world, and now it's time I take him out of it. Almost a year ago, after he was emergency transferred away I wrote a letter titled 'Ode to Elder Wilson'. Little did I know then that I would have the pleasure of serving with him once more. The title for this week's letter was only fitting. When I first got the call in Moses Lake that I would be serving with him again, I was less than excited because I had only been serving in Moses Lake for one transfer and was absolutely loving it there. Hindsight being 20/20, as it always is, the gratitude I have for these past two transfers with Elder Wilson is indescribable. 

My new companion will be... Elder Kiser! He was in the MTC with me, part of the lost tribe of Mexico that was stranded at the Yakima Airport a little over a year ago. He's from Seattle and I've served around him a little bit when I was up in Wenatchee, and I'm super stoked to have him as my companion. 

This past week was filled with a lot of preparing Elder Wilson to return back into the world, so we worked a ton with the members and less actives this past week. Not too much to update on, so this week's email will be a little shorter than others. To close, I'll share a scripture that stood out to me from my personal study this week. 

"Behold, the field was ripe, and blessed are ye, for ye did thrust in the sickle, and did reap with your might, yea, all the day long did ye labor; and behold the number of your sheaves! And they shall be gathered into the garners, that they are not wasted." (Alma 26:5)

When I read this scripture, I thought of the talk from this past General Conference 'Serve' by Elder Carl B. Cook.  I thought about the fact that most of the time, while we are out in the field thrusting in our sickle and reaping with all our might, it's pretty hard to see the number of sheaves that will soon be upon our backs. Know that wherever you are and with whatever calling you have, from home teacher to Stake President, our efforts to magnify our callings and to serve are noted and bless our own lives as well as the lives of others. 

Con Mucho Amor, 

Elder King

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