Monday, May 22, 2017

Mid-Church Snacks

Friends and Family, 

This week was such a fun one, we were able to go on exchanges up in Wenatchee and Omak. I LOVE going up to the northern part of our mission. It is so pretty up there, and the people are so unique.

While on exchanges with Elder Miles in Omak, we had a pretty cool experience.It was towards the end of the night, and we had just finished teaching their investigator Dmitri. We both felt the need that we needed to go tracting, but were unsure as to where we should go. Elder Miles just started driving and he noticed a trailer park that he has never been to, so we pulled over, said a prayer, and started to knock. The very first door we knocked, a man by the name of Tony answered. He told us that his father was baptized into the LDS church and moved to Wenatchee, and he always felt bad that he didn't support his father in his decision to follow the Savior. Tony opened up and explained that he has been going through a very rough patch in his life, and that he has been walking up and down the street praying to come closer to God. When he saw us walking up towards his door, he was so excited and anxious that we were going to knock on his door. He asked us for help, feeling distant from Christ and bad for the thoughts that he has and for mistakes he has made in the past. We promised him that with the help of the Savior, he can start again. We gave him a blessing, and left him with a pamphlet to read. His whole disposition had changed from one of fear and frustration to joy and jubilee. Helping people change, even in such short time periods, is one of the greatest blessings of serving a mission.

We've seen more progress with Matt and his family this week. The whole family hasn't stayed for the full three hours yet, because the older son Calvin doesn't want to. We brought over a young man and the young men's president to meet him and commited him to stay for all three hours so the family could stay. He mentioned that his biggest concern was how hungry he would get, so the young man we brought with us brought granola bars to church so he could have a mid-church snack! It's incredible to see the action spreading throughout the ward as the members start to do things with our investigators as well.

Con Mucho Amor, 
Elder King

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