Monday, October 17, 2016

Temple Trip


Friends and Family, 

Our zone had our temple trip today and it was great, obviously. I don't think I've ever heard anybody come back from the temple saying, "Ahh man that was terrible, I really regret doing that!" I started fasting last night for some guidance and direction from Heavenly Father today in the temple, and it was very cool to really take the teachings in D&C 9 and apply them to my personal life. I've decided to set a goal that after my mission I will strive to attend the temple at least once a month. The members that drove us today go once a week! At least!

It's been a pretty busy past week and a half. Super weird, with Elder Wilson going home in a couple of weeks. I find myself having deja vu since he was my trainer and now I'm his final companion and I feel like we've done all of this before. We've had MLC and Zone Training Meeting and Elder Wilson and I really tried to help our zone lift their vision and their faith in the work of the Lord. There is really such a huge difference between doing things just because we are supposed to do them, and doing them with an 'eye of faith' as Alma describes. Test it out this next week. Really focus on the faith you have in your prayers and in everything you'll do. You'll see a difference, I can promise that.

A couple weeks ago after general conference while I was waiting for my companion in the bathroom, a gentleman came up to me and I started talking to him about how he liked conference. We chatted for a brief moment, and then he stopped and looked at me and said that he could really feel the spirit about me. He began talking about this single lady that he knows that lives in an apartment complex in our area. He explained that she's a member, but hasn't been to church in a very very long time. He asked if I would stop by sometime, and I promised him I would. 

Last night we were finally able to have an appointment with her where she was home and we were able to come in. We talked with her and got to know her better, and learned so much about her and how due to medical conditions she hasn't been able to attend church for a long long time. She has a friend who lives on the floor beneath her who comes to help her with household things every once in a while, and as we talked he would ask a question every once in a while. We began to catch her up on all that has happened with the branch in the past couple of years, and she became so excited to hear all about it that she just kept smiling and laughing and clapping. We had a recent convert with us for the lesson and as he talked about how his girlfriend introduced him to the church and how it changed his life, this sweet sister looked at her friend and said, "Andale! Vamos!" and invited him to come right then and there. It was really cool to see the miracles come due to one member having the faith to ask us to visit somebody, and us as missionaries having the faith that there was a reason for us being there. 

Con Mucho Amor, 

Elder King 

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