Monday, October 17, 2016

Unexpected Fruits


Friends and Family, 

These past couple of weeks have been an interesting trial of patience for both Elder Wilson and I. We've been working really hard and have spent a ton of time out in the streets of Yakima, trying to find new people that need the gospel, but what seemed to be to no avail. Nobody we taught seemed to keep commitments, and every door we knocked seemed to be another stale contact. I knew that what was happening was part of the Lord's plan for our area at that time, however the rejection didn't get any easier. 

Despite seeing no fruits from our labors personally, we knew we would be blessed for being diligent and obedient. On Thursday we went over to visit Angelina, the less-active lady we found earlier in the week. We talked with her about scripture study to try and help her to have the spirit in her home. We talked about coming to church, but due to some medical conditions that she was facing she told us that the odds that she would be able to make it to church were very slim. We discussed priesthood blessings and talked told her that we would come back on Saturday to give her a blessing and talk about coming to church the following day. 

That Saturday after we gave her the blessing she thanked us over and over again and kept referring to us as her angels for coming to help her and bring the spirit back into her life. She still was unsure that she would be able to attend church, but promised us that she would do her best. 

On Sunday as we were welcoming and greeting people as they entered the building, we saw little old Angelina with her walker get out of a recent-convert's car and start heading towards the building. She had the biggest grin on her face as she saw us and scurried as quickly as she could to get into the building. We were so happy to see her, the joy was indescribale. Members came up to us throughout the day thanking us for getting her back to church, telling us that they haven't seen her come to church in over ten years. The blessings didn't stop there! We had another less-active recent convert come to church as well that hasn't been in quite some time. 

Seeing two of Heavenly Father's children return to church and partake of the sacrament that day was something special. The joy we felt seemed like Heavenly Father giving us a sneak peak to the joy we will have as we continue to labor diligently in our little part of the vineyard he has assigned us to. As I reflect on this experience, two things come to mind. We can be ministering angels to those around us. There are Amulek's out there, just waiting for their Alma's to come and help bring them back to church. Second, every effort we make in the work of the Lord never goes unnoticed by Him. Time spent serving God and others is time well spent. 

Con Mucho Amor, 

Elder King

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