Monday, January 2, 2017

Resolution Time

Friends and Family, 

I'm hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas weekend. Christmas morning another Elder and I cooked twenty cinnamon rolls for our apartment, so you know we had a good Christmas morning. 

Funny story from this week. Usually in the morning we go to the Englewood building to work out because our apartment doesn't have much space, and Monday morning the Sisters ran in asking for our help. They told us that they had left the key to their apartment on their table and they locked themselves out and assumed we would know how to break in. They assumed correctly, and we got in the car and drove to their apartment. Elder Kiser went around back and hopped a fence and started taking off the window screen to see if they had left a window unlocked and I went around front to try the same on the front windows. As I was checking windows, I hear hooping and hollering and swearing out back. I was a little surprised, and thought "Maybe Elder Kiser fell or he's just really upset or something?" but I kept on with my breaking-into-apartment-skills. I had finally found an open window and was about to climb in when Elder Jensen came running from around the side of the house and said "Elder! No! We're at the wrong house!" My leg was halfway through the window and it all hit me at once. The Seahawks flag, the fence out back, their car wasn't there yet. We were breaking into some strangers home. Elder Kiser came running around back and told me that as he was checking a window a woman came and started screaming and swearing at him and threatening to call the police and his response was "No no no no it's not what it looks like, we're trying to help the Sisters! Do you... uh... know where the Sisters live?" As you could imagine, she didn't believe his story. So he just bailed and we all jetted off, hoping to cause as minimal trouble as possible. 

Recently, two of our investigators, Pedro and Rosa, have been progressing so much. They're the couple that we found a couple weeks ago due to my lack of sense of direction that lead us to knock on the wrong door. The couple that showed all of their family the #ILUMINAelMUNDO video right after we left their house. It has been so much fun to use our companionship studies to the maximum and plan for our lessons with them. One morning, we both felt the prompting to call a couple who were baptized just over a year ago to join us in our lesson with Pedro and Rosa. They had recently moved from our branch to the other branch, but we still felt the need to ask them to come out with us. They gladly accepted, and when we walked in the door we soon realized how inspired it was to have the Estevez' out with us. Hermana Estevez saw Rosa and her eyes opened up big time and they gave each other huge hugs. Elder Kiser and I were both pretty confused, it looked to us like two friends reuniting after a long period of no contact. To our surprise, that was the reality of the situation! They both knew each other from the small town that they grew up in back in Oaxaca and instantly connected. It was so cool. We taught them the Restoration and it was especially powerful to hear Hermana Estevez bear testimony to one of her childhood friends. We watched the short 20 minute Restoration DVD with them, and the next time we came back we walked in on them watching Bible videos from! They loved the Restoration DVD so much that they found the full-length hour and a half movie online and watched all of it after we had left. Talk about progressing! 

Other updates, I got my eyebrows plucked by one of the sister missionaries in my district on Tuesday. Now I can preach the gospel with my eyebrows on fleek. With New Year's Eve on Saturday, it's time to come up with a New Year's Resolution. Last year I set the goal to not drink any soda for the year of 2016, and so far I have stayed true to my resolution! I'm pretty proud of myself. If you have any suggestions for good resolutions, please let me know. 

Con Mucho Amor, 

Elder King

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