Tuesday, February 21, 2017

His Work

Friends and Family, 

This past week has been filled with a plethora of phenomenal experiences with the numerous exchanges we went on. Can you tell I'm working on expounding my vernacular? 

Early on in the week, while on exchanges with Elder Aguirre from Othello, we spent a large amount of time walking around the streets of our area and talking with as many people as we could and knocking even more doors. While walking from one door to the next, we saw a woman and her daughter getting out of the car and walking towards their home. Elder Aguirre looked over at me and didn't even need to say anything, and in the next instant we were walking quickly over to talk with this mother. We started off saying hello, asking if we could help bring anything into the home. As we got closer and closer, Elder Aguirre realized that he had taught this woman before on a previous exchange! She remembered him as well, and we talked with her and got her information and when I asked for her last name, I learned that this was the mother of a part-member family that Elder Taele have been planning on trying to contact since I got to the area but have not had any success. I know the Lord put her right in our path at that time, and if it weren't for planning to be in that area at that time, it may have taken weeks before we could finally set something up!

Traveling up to Omak was really fun, the northern part of the mission has a unique feel in the air. It's hard to describe. Fun fact about Omak, it's the last place in recorded history where Mormon missionaries were tarred and feathered. Elder Harmon and I really enjoyed our time together. He has been working with a family for quite a while, and we had an amazing lesson with them. Eli, the husband, has been really questioning God for quite some time. He has a law degree and loves science, and right after we walked in he asked, "Elders, how long does it take before someone can get a testimony of the Book of Mormon?" It was perfect. Teaching Eli and his wife was so much fun, I felt like I connected with him SO well. It was missionary paradise.

Elder Moser (Moses Lake) and I, similar to Elder Aguirre and I, spent a large amount of time walking the streets of our area. I love just being out in the work in our area. We have so many amazing people that we're working with, and we are always finding more. While tracting, we knocked on a door and immediately noticed a family tree hanging on the wall. We jumped on the opportunity and began talking about family history. The woman asked if we could come back the next day, and so we did. Elder Taele and I returned and the wife wasn't home but the husband was. We talked with him about his family, his newborn child, and how the gospel will bless his family more than anything else. He expressed his questions about God, and we started to give some answers and he already has a desire to come to church next Sunday

The hand of the Lord is continually clear in assisting us in our labors. All of these experiences have layered upon previous experiences that all that happens in missionary work is because of Him. We are all where we are at for very specific reasons. Look for opportunities to serve others this week. He puts the people in our path, He prepares us to help others come unto Him, He does it all. He just loves us enough to let us come along for the ride.

Con Mucho Amor, 

Elder King

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