Thursday, October 15, 2015

Last Week's Email a little late

¿Que Pasa Calabasa?

If you haven't noticed already, one of my favorite past times thus far is finding cheesy greetings in Español that rhyme. Everyone around me cringes each time I use one. There is no greater satisfaction. 

I have officially been inducted into the elite society of respected gringos here in Mexico City, because this week I scored two goals while playing futbol. It was complete luck honestly, and after I scored I did the whole thing where I ran around with my arms held out wide screaming,"GOAAAAAAAAAAAL" because I was so proud of myself. The latinos that I was playing with were cracking up and we later won the game 3-2, so they decided to show me some of the cool handshakes that go on around here in Mexico. People should use cool handshakes more often. 

This past week everyone has been pretty burned out and ready to leave the CCM and head out to the mission field. I've come to accept the fact that I will be exhausted for every second of the next two years. The other night, I was doing some studying while my companion was getting ready for bed. After a while I realized that I hadn't seen him in a while and figured he must have been in the bathroom. I called out for him and got no response, which was extremely odd, considering the fact that we're together all the time. I opened the bathroom door and found him asleep on the porcelain throne. It was hilarious. 

I got to meet with an investigator last night named Josephina. When we first walked in and greeted her she started spouting out spanish so fast I swear I could see smoke coming out from her jaw. I looked at my companion and back at her and we had no idea what she had said. She winked and started cracking up and explaining in much slower spanish that she just wanted to see the expressions on our faces when she spoke as fast as she could. She was very nice and explained that a friend from work had referred her to come to the CCM and talk with us. We shared a quick lesson with her and before we closed, her eyes lit up and she looked at us and smiled and told us that she thought that we were great people and thanked us so much for talking with her. That small and simple comment made my day. There are times in our lives where we work so hard and do our best, and only get something small in return. It is easy to look back and think, "Wow. What a waste of time. I did everything I could and all I got was that?". If there is one thing I've learned during my time here in Mexico City so far, it is to be grateful for the small things. 

I love you all and am grateful for the impact that each and everyone of you has had on my life. I leave you with the surprisingly profound words of Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan, "Be excellent to each other! And party on!"

Hasta Pasta, 

Elder King

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