Wednesday, November 18, 2015


This week has been pretty crazy. So much has happened. I must be king of the animals down here in The Dalles or something, because as Elder Wilson and I were going around knocking doors we saw this deer hanging out in someone's yard. It first looked like a statue and so we started walking up to the door when we saw it start to move and realized that it was a live deer just chillin' in this lady's yard. I wanted to see how close I could get to it so I just started walking right up to it and it just came up to me and started sniffing me and nuzzling itself against me. It was insane in the membrane. Elder Wilson and I were blown away because all of the deer here are so scared and skiddish and it was crazy to get so close to one. I now refer to that deer as our newest investigator, Bambi.
I also am a local celebrity among the hispanic kids here in the area. There is an apartment complex here that is almost entirely hispanic and I carry around stickers with me wherever I go and all of the kids now that when they see me they can just run up to me and ask for a sticker and get one. It's funny how much a kid loves something as simple as a sticker. I've searched for Spider-Man stickers, but I am currently carrying around Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Stickers. It is so fun to talk with the kids and give them high fives and pass out stickers.
I got to visit with one of the investigators in the area this week, his name is Aryan. He has had such a hard past and spent some time in prison and has tattoos all over himself, and even has a swastika on his neck. That's how rough and tough of a guy he is. As we were sitting in church, I looked over and saw him while we were singing and realize that here is this ex-felon, covered in tattoos, singing "I'm trying to be like Jesus". It was incredibly powerful moment that showed me that no matter what your past might be, with the right message and the right goals anyone can become a better person.
I know I thank everyone every week but I am just so grateful for all of you. With Thanksgiving coming around the corner I encourage you to take time to really reflect on how much you have in your lives. I am so thankful for all of my memories with each and every one of you and for the future memories with you all that are to come. 

Pictures were given me a hard time to attach and so I am only able to attach 2 pictures. The first one is with my newest investigator, Bambi. She nuzzled right up to me and so I did the best I could to take a selfie. The other is with my fan club, as they flock to me for stickers. I hope these two will suffice your picture needs for this week!

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