Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Winter is Coming

Amigos y familia!
Weeks are days and days are weeks out here in the mission field. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was writing you all and updating me on the adventures out here. In the words of Ned Stark, "Winter is coming." Temperatures are dropping, but for all who know me, it's still tropical.
An unexpected trial that I have began to face out here in the mission field is how much food people want me to eat. On ThursdayI had dinner with a family who fed us a huge meal, and then later at the english class we teach at there were cookies there, and one of our students invited us over to his house for his wife's birthday party where there was another dinner and dessert. Especially in the hispanic culture, it's considered rude if you don't eat any food they provide for you. I'm learning to eat very slowly and never finish anything, despite how tasty and free all the food may be. It makes me extremely grateful for the time I have in the morning to exercise.
That same evening we visited a man named Augustine. He is so funny. He LOVES karaoke so he spends thousands of dollars on karaoke equipment and invites us over to sing karaoke with him and teach him a lesson. It's hilarious because he lives in this little trailer with his wife and he will just sing karaoke by himself every night.
Today marks the 2 month mark of my time out in the mission since I have left home, and every day I am reminded how much happiness the message I share brings me. Even while tracting houses in the rain out here in the Oregon equivalent of the Land of Desolation I love the work.
As always, I love you all! And I know that people say that all the time, "Ahhh love you guys." But I really mean it. Until next Monday, keep rockin' and rollin'.
Con Mucho Amor,
Elder King
Pictures: For my two pictures (the only pictures I took this week) I have me with some cool deer that were straight chillin up in the hills of Oregon. Also I found this chicken just walking around in the street, with no idea how it got there. I'm thinking of starting up a farm animal gang or something. Give me ideas on what it could be called. ​I attached them as attachments this week as apposed to included in the email. Let me know what works better. I can't seem to fit both pictures in one email, so I'll send a second email with the chicken picture.

Oh Deer!

A Missionary and his Chicken

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