Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy St. Patricks Day

Hola Todos! 

There has been all sorts of adventures this past week. We spend a couple hours two days a week doing service for the city of East Wenatchee. Recently they have asked us to pick up trash off of this trail in the area. There are a ton of little spots where homeless people leave tons of pillows and blankets and trash, so we find some interesting things every now and then. On Tuesday, we found a bone and some heroin! We called the city and they called the police and they came out and asked us some questions and were very grateful for what we found. Missionary by day, detective by night. 

On Friday we drove up to this town about a half an hour north of where we live and as we were walking around we heard some Mexican Polka music playing in the distance. We followed the 'oompas' and found a man named Pablo trying to dig up a tree in his front yard. We asked if we could help him, and he said he didn't want us to get dirty in our shirts and ties. We started helping him out anyways, and got to know him as we dug and dug. His family started coming out to help as well, and at the end of it we knew them pretty well and they asked if we could come back the next week! Despite Elder West's slacks getting covered in dirt, it was great service. 

We've been teaching this less-active and her boyfriend over the past 2 transfers, and working on getting them married and helping Rafael (the boyfriend) progress towards baptism. It has been an up and down cycle, and we really decided to crank down and figure out what we needed to teach them to put Rafael back on date and get them a wedding date. We were using our Daily Planning time to find out what we needed to teach them the next day, and said a prayer asking for direction from Heavenly Father as to what we needed to teach. We sat in reflection, striving to recognize the promptings of the Spirit for guidance and direction. I felt impressed to look into the 12 Week Booklet, and saw that the lesson to learn for the next week was Lesson 5. Since neither of us had any other impressions, we decided to go with it and planned to teach about Missionary Work and Service. 

The next day, we showed up at their home and taught about the blessings that come as we share the gospel and serve others. Hermana Villa was reminded of the feelings that she felt when she was first baptized and how much she loved going out with the sister missionaries and doing home teaching. It all helped it click in her head, and is moving and planning her wedding and soon Rafael's baptism!

I hope you all had a riverdancin' St. Patrick's Day! I attached some pictures of our District Council we had on St. Patrick's day with our green ties and green everything. 

Con Mucho Amor, 

Elder King

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