Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Unusual Promptings

Friends and Family, 

Lots of cool things have been happening this week. On Monday we were out working in Waterville, this tiny old town that seems to be stuck in the 50s, when we went to knock on a door that I had knocked previously and spoken with a nice woman and shared the message of the restoration very briefly. She opened the door and said that she had her niece and her family visiting and that we could sit outside and share a message with her. We introduced ourselves to the niece and discovered that she was a less-active member who used to live out in Leavenworth who was taught and baptized by Elder Wison! I showed her the picture I had in my PMG of Elder Wilson and she was overcome with the feelings of happiness that she felt when she was first hearing about the restoration and the peace she felt when she was baptized. She came outside and joined us as we shared the gospel with her and she testified so powerfully of the blessing of baptism to her aunt. 

Later on in the week, we were driving out to another smaller town in our area named Entiat. We received a referral from some members that live out there of a nice hispanic family that they know that could really use the gospel. They also told us about a less-active member who recently went through a pretty tough divorce and moved to Entiat from Wyoming with her kids to live with her brother. I had met this less-active sister before when I was with Elder West at a Shell Station, and shared a #Hallelujah card with her. As we were driving, we passed by that same gas station and I felt the strongest impression. "Go to the bathroom." As you could probably imagine, I was very very confused as to why I had felt such a strong impression to stop at that gas station to use the bathroom. Nevertheless, I had faith that it would be for the best. The moment we walked in, I saw this less-active sister standing there. I was blown away, thinking about the odds that I would find here AGAIN at some dinky old gas station on the way out to Entiat. I couldn't help but smile and waved at here and went over and introduced my new companion and talked with her about how she was doing. We talked and talked, and her heart was softened as we got to know her better and better and eventually she invited us to come stop by the following Wednesday. The Lord works in mysterious ways! 

Cool things are happening in the great state of Washington. Have a Happy Memorial Day! I love you all! 

Con Mucho Amor, 

Elder King

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