Monday, March 27, 2017

RIP Winter


Woah, that looks way cooler than I thought it would. Those crazy scribbles you see there is japanese for "Friends and Family". Changing things up, a little spice of variety is always nice. 

While out tracting in the rain yesterday, we noticed some blossoms starting up on a tree. Spring is finally here, and good riddance to winter. I'm so excited for things to start heating up. As the weather heats up, so does the work. Elder Moser and I have so many people that we talk to each day and so many of them ask us to come back and teach. Our most progressing investigator, Evelyn, is still making leaps and bounds in the gospel. We had a lesson with her last night in a member's home where we taught about modern day prophets, in preparation for General Conference. She's been praying about baptism for quite some time now, and we committed her to pray with a specific question to be answered this weekend through General Conference. In the words of Elder Moreno from The District 2, "You can always put your money on the prophet."

We've been having a lot of exchanges this week, and Elder Moser and I both went back to Moses Lake for an exchange with the zone leaders up there. It was great, because the same day there was a baptism for an investigator in the YSA. His name is Varinder Singh, and he has such a cool story. He grew up in India and was married and in the early days of his marriage started looking into Christianity. His wife would get mad at him for praying, and they ended up separating and he moved her to the US. A friend of his who lives in Othello referred him to the YSA missionaries, and he was taught for quite some time and this Saturday he was baptized. His father is visiting from India and was able to attend the baptism! He knows very little English, but talking with him was very fun. He tries to teach us Punjabi, and he would look at us and point to his fingers and say in his thick accent, "Finger, finger, finger, finger, thumb. Punjabi? Ooglies." You learn something new everyday.

Varinder talked a lot about the peace that has come into his life since learning about the church, it's really cool to see somebody with such a diverse background have the same process of repentance and change as someone completely different.
At the April 2016 General Conference--one year ago--President Eyring said this as he opened the Saturday morning session: "Your choice to pray with full purpose of heart will transform your experience in the conference sessions and in the days and months that follow." Take advantage of this weekend, ask the Lord questions and plead with him for guidance. You'll hear exactly what you need to hear. 

Con Mucho Amor, 

Elder King

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