Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rockin' and Rollin in Rocky Reach

Aloha everyone, 

First off, I apologize for the lack of pictures for this week. I only took one, and it was to illustrate one of the many downsides that come from being a bit taller than most others. I'll try and do better this next week. 

I had my first opportunity to translate during church yesterday. The regular translator had a sick son that she needed to stay home and care for, and the other Spanish missionaries were unavailable, which left it up to me. Translating Spanish into English is easy, but English into Spanish is a whole other ball game. I was pretty nervous at first, but as I started I got the hang of things and learned as I went. The hardest part is trying to not miss a sentence. It's easy to get caught up on trying to translate one sentence that you'll forget to hear what the speaker says next and you'll end up with holes in your translation. As difficult as it was, it was pretty enjoyable. 

There are so many great things that come with working with the Hispanic people. The other day we were walking around in this apartment complex that is comprised mostly of Hispanics, when we say these people cooking outside their apartment, enjoying themselves and playing some music. I asked them what they were celebrating, to which they replied, "Nothing! We're just celebrating to celebrate!" They invited us to come join them and cooked us some tacos, which were some of the best tacos I've ever had, and spent some time getting to know them and sharing some of our message. They were so open and friendly. The happiness and joy that is involved with Hispanic culture is one of my favorite things about serving as a Spanish missionary. 

There is still a ton of snow, so my companion and I are getting a lot of experience with shoveling it. I'm hoping that spring comes sooner rather than later. I've decided that I've had my fix of snow. 

At one point during the week I realized how inspired it was that Elder West was assigned to me. While we were driving to an appointment, when he started talking to me about the fact that moon dust is actually deadly because of the way that it is eroded. At the end of explaining more about it, he looked at me and said, "Isn't that cool?" I grinned and replied, "Yeah, it is." It hit me then. Who else would think that something like that is cool? We laughed about it together. 

The quote I will leave you all with is this. "Everything you want is on the other side of fear." Don't be afraid to try new things! To push yourself! Remember, there is no comfort in the growth zone and there is no growth in the comfort zone. I love you all, never forget it!

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder King

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