Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

Friends and Family, 

Happy (day late) Valentine's Day! You are all my Valentine's. 

Things here in East Wenatchee are going great. One of our investigators, Miguel, is planning on being baptized this Saturday. He's so cool. He's this 18 year old kid who made a New Year's Resolution to get closer to God. One day he just decided to download a Bible app and start reading the book of Genesis, and the next day we knocked on his door. He told us that he knew that God put us in his path so that we could help him fulfill his resolution. 

We took a trip up to this little town in the mountains named Waterville this week. It's this awesome little town that is literally stuck on top of the mountain that's also stuck in the 50's. It was such a cool little town, but Elder West got altitude sickness or something while we were up there. His face got super pale and he was very out of breath and was feeling some nausea, so we only spent about 30 minutes up there before he asked if we could go back to the apartment so that he could rest. While driving back through the mountains, he asked if he could pull over for a little bit. I pulled off to the side of the highway and he got out and took a couple steps down the mountainside and crouched over. I started looking through stuff in the car and figured that I should probably look over and make sure that he hasn't rolled down the hill or something. Right as I looked, I got a grand ol' view of him spewing his guts. Just like us finding Miguel, the timing was perfect. 

We also had the opportunity to move this little old lady out of her old house and into her new house. Her name was Debbie, and she had SO much stuff. It took a total of around 8 hours to move everything and her garage was completely filled. After we finished, she fed us pizza and cookies. She told us how grateful she was and called us her 'little dear ones', which made all of the soreness from moving so worth it. 

This past Thursday we planned to teach a less-active member and his wife, and the Stake Patriarch had agreed to come out with us to teach them the Plan of Salvation. We showed up and knocked on the door, and the wife answered looking extremely distraught. We asked her how she was doing, and she explained that her mother in Mexico was sick with pneumonia and she had her family over and they were waiting for a phone call from the hospital. We gave her our condolences, and explained that the message we share could give them hope and peace in their time of sorrow. She asked that we come back another night, to which I felt prompted to ask if we could say a prayer with their family. She agreed and invited us in, and we shared our testimonies and gave a quick lesson on prayer. She admitted that her family doesn't pray as often as they should, and when we asked her who she would like to give the prayer she asked the Stake Patriarch if he would give it. He said such a powerful prayer, it was very cool.
I attached a picture from our adventure in Waterville on top of the mountain with nothing but snow for forever. There is also a picture of Hermana Villa and her family, they are so awesome. She made us homemade tortillas this week and tried to teach us how to make them. Rafael, our investigator, kept telling us that we have to be careful with tortillas made by the hands of a woman because they are addictive and will give you a big belly. 

Les amo mucho! Have a great week! 

Con Mucho Amor, 

Elder King

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